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Client Testimonials

“The Best, The Best, The Best.”

My dog loves DogSpot and I agree. I have lived in numerous places and seen quite a few doggy day cares; DogSpot is the best doggy day care I have ever seen. The staff absolutely love dogs and they do everything they can to watch out for every dog. The owner is almost always there and she does a great job taking care of all the dogs.

They have a van that will come and pick up your dog at your house and drop your dog off at the end of the day. It’s cost just a little bit extra but is totally worth it. When the doorbell rings in the early morning, my dog runs towards the door in crazy excitement.

Courtney Anderson

The only time our dog is tired is the day after camp or boarding at Dogspot. She LOVES playing there. The staff members are so friendly, I never have to worry about how they take care of her. I also love that they open early enough for me to drop her off before work. It’s a bit more pricey than other options but well worth the money for the service, staff, and flexibility. Thank you, Dogspot!

Mike Frazier

Early this year we rescued a little terrier mix dog, driving all the way from Oceanside to Seattle to collect him. He weighed in at 5lbs, was about (we think) a year old and EXTREMELY nervous and clearly scared of men.

During the journey back he bonded to my wife, and has been devoted to her ever since.

Our problem was the nervousness and his lack of response to me. Over 6 months or more we slowly got him to come to each of us, he became house trained and learned to do the basics of “come to us,” “sit,” and “lie down” on command. But he was far from socialized and we also needed to be able to board him overnight if we had an event to go to.
This was when my daughter, reading Yelp, discovered The Dogspot. They had excellent reviews, were close to where we lived, and so we decided to give them a try.

We took Ollie down and we left him for their mandatory 4 hr evaluation stay, having first shown the staff proof that he was up to date on all his shots.

When we went back we were told that, despite his nervousness, they would take him, and we were recommended to do 5 consecutive days of “doggie daycare” to acclimatize him and get him back into the pack behavior that is natural to all dogs.

He was clearly nervous but this is an indoor facility, with 2 large arenas, one for big dogs and one for smaller and nervous dogs, each staffed all the while with an attendant who plays with the pack of dogs and also ensures that “accidents” are promptly cleaned up and the floor disinfected.

After 5 days Ollie was clearly into pack life. We were able to view the arena through one way glass and by day 3 Ollie was no longer cowering in a corner, but joining in the fun. We then agreed to taking to daycare 2 days a week and it wasn’t long before he was promoted to the big dogs arena and now he is always happy to go and pulls us into the building when we arrive.

He has also done a couple of overnight stays and has loved it. The dogs are not caged but beds are laid out for them and the attending assistant sleeps on a fold out bed in the same room. Ollie invariably cuddles up on the bed! After an overnight stay The Dogspot will send you a detailed report on your dog’s experience.

I highly, highly recommend this facility. The owner, Carlene King, is a dog behavior specialist and she and her staff show absolute devotion and love towards all of the dogs in their care.

We are so grateful to have found them – and so is Ollie. 5 Stars without a shred of doubt!

Peter & Sue Brentnall

Thank you Carlene for helping us to raise a beautiful dog and for continuing to care for her the way you do. We could not have done it without you.

Daryl Johnson

I have a German pointer, a hunting crazy hyperactive dog. When he was a puppy I was not working full time so my puppy and I took long walks and had many hours of play. After I find a full time job my puppy did not get the hours of exercise he needed and started to misbehave. I found Carlene’s doggy play place DogSpot. My dog loves it! And I can tell he gets to play and exercise a lot because when he comes back to me he is tired and he just wants to sleep, which is perfect because I want to do exactly the same thing!

Carlene loves dogs and treat them like they were her own puppies. I think my dog gets more excited when he sees Carlene than when he sees me, dogs cannot hide their emotions so I know he is happy when he is around Carlene and the other puppies.

Please, try this place, your dog will love it!


Gunnar has experienced many doggy day care facilities but Carlene’s Dog Spot has stuck out the most. Her ethics with animals are impeccable. Her love of dogs is recognized by the pets themselves. When my dog Gunnar goes to Dog Spot he comes home like he ran a marathon and celebrates going back to meet Carlene and his dog friends the next day!


How I wish everyone who gets a puppy has the blessing of meeting Carlene King to help them train their dog!!! I met Carlene at a dog park shortly after I got my Rottweiler puppy, Grizzly. From the time we met, Grizzly took a liking to Carlene and her dogs. Without being intrusive, she began making suggestions on training Grizzly. He is now 14 months old and the best dog I have ever had, both due to his personality and Carlene’s expert training, patience and love of dogs.

Carlene stands behind every product she recommends and has even replaced an item for me without having to go through the company that sold it. She has spent many hours with me training Grizzly with her only motivation being her love of him and the desire for us to have a relationship that works in our home.

I have spent many hours with Carlene and her dogs, as well as dogs she is training and random dogs at the park. She can handle any situation that arises so that all the dogs and people are safe. She is able to determine whether a dog is being aggressive or just wanting to play, and has helped me train Grizzly not growl when playing with other dogs as it often leads to more aggressive behavior. The training collar she has trained Grizzly with is an invaluable tool.

I highly recommend Carlene and her park. If you want a dog who is a blessing, can adapt to any situations you encounter and is a blessing to have in your home, her training is the answer!

Lori R.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Carlene owner of DogSpot in Oceanside. I was having some issues with my dog at the dog park and with just a few trainings I have a changed dog. He is such a pleasure to be around. Carlene has a very positive approach to training and is knowledgeable in methods and techniques appropriate for each individual dog and owner. One of the things that impressed me the most is her love of dogs and how much they love her. She never makes you feel like you are an inept dog owner. Your puppy/dog is in great hands with Carlene.

Barbara Duncan

Hi, my name is Tess. I’m a 7-year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi and I’d like to tell you about my wonderful Day Care and Training experience with Carlene King. I started my adventures at Day Care when I was just 14 weeks old as my humans lived in a rural setting and worked in town. They didn’t want me to sit home alone all day bored and cooped up in my kennel. Instead, I got to go for a ride with my humans to Carlene’s five days a week. There I was able to interact and socialize with all my pals – canine and humans alike – while being supervised in a very safe and secure environment. An added plus was my humans were able to go about their day knowing I was being well cared for. Even though my humans moved to town I still enjoyed my time at Carlene’s. During my day I played as much as I wanted to, took naps on a comfy bed with my pals, when I was so inclined, and got all kinds of loves from the staff there – not to mention the yummy treats. I’m so glad that we had such a wonderful state-of-the-art facility in our community. During my training with Carlene, I and my human learned so much, even though at times I was just a wee bit stubborn. But, Carlene worked patiently with me and encouraged me with treats and praise. I like to impress people with my training knowledge – one of the things that people comment on is how well behaved I am when we are entertaining at home. When mealtime comes around my human “Places” me on my “Place Bed” and I know not to get off until I am “Freed.” I also enjoy showing off my Sits, Downs, Heels, Offs and Comes and know this pleases my humans who always tell me how proud they are of me. We were very sad when Carlene decided to relocate to California and really miss her! Note from Tess’ humans: We are so appreciative of Carlene, who has become a part of our family over the past seven years. Carlene’s professionalism and expertise are top notch and you will be hard pressed to find anyone else as genuine, caring and devoted. We highly recommend Carlene to anyone who loves their family pet member and appreciates safe and loving care when you can’t be there!

Tess H. (assisted by my human Lynn H.)

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