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Dog Daycare & Training Service Rates


Temperament Test $ 30.00
Full Day +4 hours $37.00
Half Day -4 hours $27.00
New Client Trial Pkg 3 half day $ 75.00
New Client Trial Pkg 3 full day $ 105.00

DAYCARE (Packages)

Our daycare packages never expire (except for the unlimited monthly) and are non-refundable.

  • 5 Half Day $125.00
  • 10 Half Day $220.00
  • 20 Half Day $380.00
  • 5 Full Day $175.00
  • 10 Full Day $330.00
  • 20 Full Day $620.00
  • Unlimited Monthly Daycare $550.00
  • This package is month-to-month and family dogs cannot share this package. *Please note: This is a package that does have an expiration date.


  • 1 Per Pet Single Purchase $20.00


BOARDING (Nightly)

We require a boarding deposit per pet. 48 hour advance cancellation policy applies. Please note that a reservation must be made 24 hours in advance to ensure we are properly staffed for the number of dogs staying overnight.

  • 1 Single Night $ 70.00

BOARDING (Packages)

  • 10 nights cage-free boarding package $630.00
  • 20 nights cage-free boarding package $1260.00

*No military discounts can be applied towards boarding packages or holiday fees.

BOARDING (Holiday Rates)

An additional $10 per night applies during the following holiday dates in 2023:

  • November 22nd – November 26th
  • December 19th – December 27th

The additional charge for the holiday dates is $10 per night.
Please note that no discounts are available during our holiday booking.
Military Discount of 5% on Daycare, Daycare Packages, and Boarding by the Night ONLY.
Also please note that all packages are NON-REFUNDABLE.


Fees vary according to scheduled times.

Monday – Thursday 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

  • Initial Consultation $ 35.00
  • Private Lesson (30 minute) $ 45.00
  • In-Home Private Lesson (1 hour) $ 125.00


See our Grooming Services Page for a full menu of grooming services. All boarding dogs will receive $15 off grooming package during their stay. Reserve your spot today!

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